Today PPSC Food Department Paper 30 April 2023

Today PPSC Food Department Paper 30 April 2023
Today PPSC Food Department Paper 30 April 2023

Today PPSC Food Department Paper 30 April 2023

Today PPSC Food Department epartment Paper

1,Headquarter of palistinian authority… ramallah
2, Bunsen burner was invented by Bunsen
3, center of ghandara civilization…
4, siachan dispute…1984
5,who joined Uno 2006… Montenegro
6, national language of pk
7,ebdo,podo by ایوب خان
8, ambiguity opposite
9,meager opposite
10,put oil on fire
11,pros and cons
12، turncoat… treacherous
12,jado aur maujza may difference by haroot v maroot
13, Ibrahim was born in
14, youngest air engineer of pk
15 youngest Microsoft certified girl of pk…
16,he said “may you achieve your goal”
17,she said to me “I will complete my assignment as soon as it is possible.
18,Kashmir sold in 1846
19, founder of Mughal empire,
20,masjid wazir Khan
21,light pen is….. device
22, Ctrl+c
23,kalabagh dam location
24,how many jew were killed by Hitler…exact ans 6m h but udhar 5.7m tha
25, Atlantic charter was signed between…
26,اپنا مقام پیدا کر والا۔۔۔اقبال
27,Mirza Tahir baig real name…asmat chugtai I think..
28, until is a noun,pronoun or preposition
29, before is a noun, pronoun or preposition
30,turaat is a book of Judaism
31, mountain in the south of Pakistan…
32 ناچ نا جانے آنگن ٹیڑھا
33،اسد اللہ خان کا تخلص ۔۔۔غالب
34، Ctrl+s
35, demography is statistical analysis of
36, novel is a french word Novella
37,metal at room temperature will be…
38,who will solve in water early,kaphur,sugar,nacl
39, Khair is a…pass
40,Faiz Ahmed Faiz got Lenin prize
41, removing error in computer jargon.. glitches..
42,zimidar newspaper by Zafar Ali Khan…
43,us total states…50
44, minority seats in pk assembly…
45, Tigris river is in …baghdad..
46,baber attack,11th century,
47,baber attack…17
48,Cokpit of Europe… Belgium
49, اردو میں خطوط کا بانی
51,Azrat moosa was in firoon age…
52…snowy planet
53 Computer operator do
54 Input output data into computer
55 UNICEF HQ in New York.
56 opposite of meagre
57 opposite of climax
58 Who is the current chief of air staff
59جادو اور معجزات میں فرق بتانے کے لیے بھیجا۔
60 کس غزوہ میں اللہ تعالیٰ نے مسلمانوں پر نیند طاری کر دی اور آسمان سے بارش برسائی۔
61 مسجد کونسا اسم ہے؟
62حضرت ابراہیم علیہ السلام کی جائے پیدائش
63 Pulto is not included in solr system
64 Mughal period 1526to 1857
65 Gaznvi attack 17
66 Mughal dysnty by babar
67 Ghazmi invaded 11th century
68 EDBO enforced by Ayub khan
69 Ambiguity antonym
70 Climax antonym
71 First viceroy was

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