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Spotify’s 2022 wrap-up recaps released on Wednesday, supplying the modern look at its annual digital experiments that dig into information in your musical tastes for the 12 months.


This yr’s wrap consists of new functions like your Myers-Briggs-style “listening” personality kind and a tracker for the way your musical temper changes over the direction of a day. As constantly, Wrapped additionally summarizes your top artists, genres, songs and podcasts, plus overall mins listened to on Spotify.

Wrapping is one of the streaming service’s maximum popular features, as well as the hook for a huge advertising and marketing marketing campaign. Spotify itself is the arena’s biggest streaming track service with the aid of range of users, making its annual facts a manner to take the heart beat of the sector’s listening behavior.


This 12 months’s wrap-up recaps include:

• Your listening personality: Users are prepared into 16 track personas — such as deep diver, replayer, adventurer or fan membership — that describe your listening fashion.

• Audio Day: A progressive take a look at how your music habits evolve at some point of the day, with Spotify defining your vibe for morning, day and night time. My morning temper is, seemingly, “hard friendly,” something that means.

• Your Artist Messages: Expanding on a function delivered final 12 months, Spotify is placing video cameos from top artists into wrap-round reviews. Last yr, Spotify had more than a hundred artists record thank-you messages for enthusiasts. More than 40,000 artists participated this yr. If your personal top artists consist of someone who recorded this kind of cameo, you have to see one or greater pop up to your wrap feed.

Spotify additionally released wrapped “author” reports for artists and podcasters on the carrier, which might be person microsites that highlight how their enthusiasts pay attention for the duration of the 12 months.

All the methods to share your Wrapped on social networks are again, plus new social playing cards for sharing on WhatsApp and Line this 12 months. Snapchat additionally has a personal lens that reflects your assigned listening personality.


How to View (and Re-View) Your Wrapped Recap

Wrapped studies are simplest available in Spotify’s cell app, both for Android gadgets and Apple iPhones or iPads. Just make certain you’ve got the modern day version of the Spotify app downloaded, that’s model 8.7.Seventy eight.

The app could have more than one entry points in your wraparound enjoy, which includes banners at the Home, Search and Library tabs, in addition to a full “Your 2022 in Review” shelf on Home.

Your wrap is usually on hand for more than a month after launch. Even in case you’ve already visible it, you need to be able to revisit it for some time.

If you do not see enough activates within the app to find it again, you can usually cross back to your non-public wrap via travelling this website on your mobile device. The web page need to automatically open your Spotify app for an immersive enjoy. And you could continually search the Spotify mobile app for “2022 Wrapped” to discover it again and watch it once more.


Top Spotify Rankings of 2022

The international’s most streamed artists

1. Bad rabbit

2. Taylor Swift

three. Drake

four. The weekend

five. BTS

America’s Most Streamed Artists

1. Drake

2. Taylor Swift

3. Bad rabbit

four. Kanye West

five. The weekend

Global most streamed songs

1. As in by using Harry Styles.

2. Heat waves from glass animals

3. STAY (feat. Justin Bieber) through The Kid LAROI

four. Me Puerto Bonito with the aid of Bad Bunny. Chincho Corleone

5. Tití Me Preguntó with the aid of Bad Bunny

Most Streamed Songs in America

1. As in by Harry Styles.

2. Heat waves from glass animals

3. Bad Habit through Steve Lacy

4. Me Puerto Bonito through Bad Bunny. Chincho Corleone

five. First Class by using Jack Harlow

Global Most Streamed Albums

1. Un Verano Sin Ti, Bad Bunny

2. Harry’s house, Harry Styles

three. SOUR, Olivia Rodrigo

four. =, Ed Sheeran

5. Planet Her, Doja Cat

Most Streamed Albums inside the US

1. Un Verano Sin Ti, Bad Bunny

2. Harry’s residence, Harry Styles

three. Dangerous: The Double Album, Morgan Wallen

4. Midnight, Taylor Swift

five. Sower, Olivia Rodrigo

The world’s maximum popular podcast

1. The Joe Rogan Experience

2. Call her daddy.

3. Anything is going with Emma Chamberlain.

4. Caso sixty three (All Languages)

five. Crime Junkie

America’s most famous podcasts

1. The Joe Rogan Experience

2. Call her daddy.

3. Crime Junkie

four. Daily newspaper

5. Armchair professional with Dax Shepard

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