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low competition keywords list 2023
low competition keywords list 2023

low competition keywords list 2023

Latest kGR method to find low competition keywords|2023

What is the KGR method? And how can we find low competition keywords 2023?
Here you will learn about the latest kGR method to find low competition keywords|2023.Ubersuggest

KGR stands for Keyword Golden Research and was introduced by Doug Cunnington, which is basically the best and latest keyword selection technique or a hack for a website that will give you low competition keywords. Helps build keywords that can potentially be in the top 50 within hours.Google Search Console .

Keywords are used to target audience through online media so it is important to choose the right method or tool like (KGR) to increase your audience and traffic.Keyword Golden Ratio

Keyword Types:

Long tail keyword
Short tail keyword
Long Tail Keywords: Keywords that contain two to three words such as “best freelancing career opportunities” are considered long tail and are used to rank for difficult terms. Experts use long tail keywords to rank their website because it has low search volume which indicates low competition. It is faster and higher than short term keywords.Google Keyword Planner

Short term keywords: Short term keywords consist of only one word or short keywords like: “cup”, “car” etc. Its search volume is around 50/60 thousand and above, so there is more competition and less chance of ranking.Keyword Golden Ratio calculator

How to calculate the latest kGR method to find low competition keywords | 2023?
You can manually calculate KGR by dividing the total amount of Allintitle results by the keyword search volume.Buyer keywords list

Allintitle is a search operator for Google that is used to find web pages on the Google index by exact keywords in the title.

Note: Do not place after colon to get results.

low competition keywords list 2023
low competition keywords list 2023

Here’s an example: “AllTitle: The best laptops in 2023 with low battery consumption”

Allintitle’s results show you the keywords that sites are targeting with a specific SEO approach. This perpetuates the deceptive image of competition that occurs especially on keywords associated with common search results.

KGR formula:
Here is a formula to easily calculate KGR:

The golden ratio of keywords is – KGR = Allintitle/Monthly Search Volume

How can we decide which keywords we choose will help us rank and which are potentially acceptable?

Here is a simple solution,

If a KGR is less than 25 then it is a strong and low competition keyword, it will help you to stand out in less time and this keyword can be in top 100 in few days.
A KKGR of 25 to 1.00 can be considered moderate and there is a possibility that you will be ranked in the top 250 results.
A KGR greater than 1.00 is considered a high competition and you should not proceed with this keyword as the chances of getting no results as a novice are high.

Let’s do the math:

For example, “If a keyword search result is 1,340 with a volume of 200, it has a KGR of 6.7, then it is impossible for you to rank and is considered the most competitive keyword. If a keyword with a volume of only 1 to 200 then its KGR is 0.005 which is probably less than 0.25 and is considered the best keyword for you to rank in just 48 hours.

How will KGR help you?
This will help us in three main reasons.

This will help the website owner to get more traffic by choosing potential keywords and help us to earn profit in few hours.

It will help us find matching keyword in just few minutes compared to other websites and tools and is easy to use and get results.

Calculating KGR is a manual process and we don’t need to put extra efforts and can use access to big data to finalize our relevant keywords using kGR.

After understanding the keyword search volume and results for all topics, we can now use the KGR formula. If we get a kGR that is equal to or less than 0.25 then you should go with it as we discussed earlier. Also, we cannot recommend any keyword that has a search volume of more than 250 because it is difficult to stand out in that volume. This way we can get the most valuable and effective keywords for our website/blog.

How to find relevant keyword for your niche?
We can search for a million keywords but the reality is that we have to find the most applicable keywords for our company, let’s say we run a women’s accessories company.

low competition keywords list 2023
low competition keywords list 2023

Most women products are available here like heels, shirts, pants, jeans, punjabi, suits and many more

Suppose you are a buyer. How can we search for shirts and heels on google? “Girls Heels at Cheapest Price”, Girls High Heels at Cheap Price, Girls Classic High Heels Outlet in Rahim Yarkhan, etc. This requires an initial search by the buyerThere are keywords and as keyword researchers we have to think like our buyers to be successful.

Also we have to find search results with “all titles”.

100+ Low Competition Keywords with High CPC Traffic for Google Adsense 2022

Low-competition keywords with high CPC traffic: A website with low competition keywords can easily rank with high search volume and a high CPC as well. By doing this, you will get more organic traffic to your website.

Low-competition keywords can easily rank on Google’s results pages. Everyone wants to rank for competitive keyboards, but that’s hardly possible in the short term. Especially if you are new or relatively unknown to this website. This means you shouldn’t target competitive keywords, but it doesn’t mean you should search for competitive keywords in the short term. If you want a low-competition keyword list with high CPC traffic, this website is for you. Here we have listed 100+ keywords which can be easily ranked and also get you a high CPC. So, let’s search for keywords!Why do you need less competitive keywords with more traffic 2022?
For a long period of time, bloggers seem to fail and give up their blogging. 90℅ of them fail just because of inappropriate keyword research. Most of them use wrong tools while doing keyword research and most of them get wrong information.

How can we find less competitive keywords with a higher keyword list?
I am using SEMrush and Google AdWords Planner when creating this list. I always use SEMrush and Google AdWords while recharging my keyboard, and Google AdWords Planner to see monthly search volume.

List of low competition keywords with high CPC traffic for Google AdSense in 2022

Here we have listed 100+ low competition keywords with high CPC traffic for google adsense, these keywords can rank easily, and also, you will get high CPC in 2022.

low competition keywords list 2023
low competition keywords list 2023

Keyword Difficulty Volume CPC
Eenadu Sunday Book 0 74000 0.8
Bookshelf 16 833000 0.3
Read Data Book 11 22200 0.4
Checkbook 4 40000 0.3
Eenadu epaper sunday book 2 8300 0.45
Surface Book 3 6 90000 1
RC Book 8 22000 0.8
Universal Bookstore 0 6600 0.35
Kamasutra Book 0 5900 0.3
Book Fair 7 5800 0.45
Sakshi Sunday Book 0 5600 1
Elementary Book 12 5300 0.6
Book images 19 5300 1.2
Kolkata Book Fair 12 4900 0.4
Asian Paint Color Book 0 4800 0.3
Bookcase 13 4600 0.5
Enadu Sunday Book 5 4400 0.8
How To Book Tatkal Tickets 13 3900 0.6
Chennai Book Fair 3 3800 0.7
Book My Forex 11 3700 0.5
Bullbook Format 4 3600 0.7
Book value per share 12 3500 0.8
10th Tamil Book 7 3400 0.5
10th Science Book 10 3300 0.3
Service Book 6 3300 0.3
RC Book Status 8 3300 0.5
Eenadu Sunday Book Today 2 3100 0.8
Andhra Jyothi Sunday Book 7 2800 0.8
RC Book Online Download 5 2700 0.5
The Jungle Book Hindi Cast 1 2700 1
Sapna Book House Online 1 2600 0.35
Tn Textbook Online 19 2600 0.45
Bookstand 2 2500 0.4
India Book of Records 2 2500 0.9
Textbook of Karnataka 7 2400 0.9
9th Tamil Book 5 2300 0.35
Bookbinding 10 2300 0.45
RC Book Online 9 2200 0.3
Sakshi Fanday Book 0 2200 0.9
World Book Fair 5 2100 0.4
Bill Book Design 3 2100 1
Sixth Tamil Book 3 2000 0.6
Himalaya Book World 0 2000 0.35
Sunday eenadu Book 1 1900 0.8
Hindi book pdf 11 1900 0.4
Class 8 science book pdf 7 1800 0.3
How To Book Indian Gas 12 1800 0.6
Book Self 12 1700 0.45
Meaning of book in Hindi 0 1700 1.4
Checkbook Request Letter 0 1700 0.35
Friends Book 1 1600 0.35
Book Fair in Chennai 2 1600 0.8
Physical education class 12 book pdf 5 1600 0.9
10th tamil book pdf 6 1600 0.45
8th Tamil Book 3 1500 0.5
Daryaganj Book Market 2 1500 0.35
Book Indian Gas Online 12 1400 0.5
Ncert Science Book Class 7 12 1400 0.3
Book HP Gas Online 17 1300 0.35
6th Standard Tamil Book 3 1300 0.6
Yoga Book 1 1300 0.35
11th Tamil Book 5 1300 0.6
Physical education class 11 book pdf 4 1300 0.9
Class 10 science book pdf 10 1200 0.35
Jungle Book Song 20 1200 1.1
Raw book 1 1200 0.4
Book Wallpaper 5 1200 1.2
Open Book Images 4 1100 1.8
Eenadu Book 3 1100 1
How To Book Indian Gas Online 12 1100 0.8
Duplicate RC Book 4 1100 0.3
Checkbook Application 0 1100 0.8
National Book of India 4 1100 0.4
Ncert Class 7 Maths Book 13 1100 0.45
Sacred Book of Buddhism 12 1000 1.8
Bookstores near me 20 1000 0.9
Jungle Book Full Movie In Hindi 5 1000 0.3
Error 1 1000 0.6 in our star book pdf
Online RC Book 7 1000 0.5
NCRT 9th Class Science Book Solutions pdf free download 14 900 0.3

Physical Education Class 11 Book 0 900 0.5
Black Book Project 0 900 0.9
NCRT Science Book Class 9 PDF Download 12 900 0.4
Delhi Bookstore 0 900 0.35
Sacred Book of Jainism 0 800 0.7
My favorite book 0 800 1
Jungle Book Story 9 800 0.6
The Yoga Book PDF 1 800 0.8
Karma Yoga Book 1 800 0.45
Holy Book of Sikhs 10 800 0.45
Raja Yoga Book 8 800 0.7
NCRT Class 7 Science Book 10 800 0.312th Tamil Book 5 800 0.45
Universal Book Depot 0 700 0.35
Life After Death Book 1 700 0.45
Class 8 Mathematics Book 13 700 0.5
How to publish a book in India 5 700 1.2

eenadu sunday book download 7

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