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High-end Home
High-end Home

High-end Home

High-end Home

The idea of a luxurious living room looks very different from one person to another. Perhaps you envision a traditional room with noisettes, chandeliers, tufted sofas, and heavy drapes, or perhaps the luxury lounge of your dreams is a modern space with expansive glass surrounds, linear sofas, and Beautiful accent chairs. Whatever your ideal room, we have something here in this collection of luxury living room ideas to suit every taste and room size. Discover a host of exquisite layouts, high-end decorative ideas, beautiful lighting designs, exquisite furniture, and exquisite curtains, as well as some fascinating architectural features.

What to Know Before Buying Luxury Home Decor

Luxury Home Accessories – Amelia R

The luxurious home decor features a glamorous living room by Decorella designer, Amelia R.

Whether you’re decorating a living room, family room, or the entire house, there are a few other things to consider. Here are some tips to guide your choice of luxury decor that is perfect for elevating your interior.

Quality is the key

Luxury Home Furnishings – Banana Contain

When it comes to luxury interior design, quality is essential. Now, it is also true that luxury home decor is often more expensive. However, it’s possible to enjoy quality at a lower price, by looking for good deals or by refurbishing an existing and thrifty one. In particular, even a new, high-end item can make a huge difference in the ambiance of a room.

Want to elevate your home with luxury decor, but need help getting the look right? Then, schedule a free interior design consultation to learn more about your design options today!

Work with the luxury decor in solid colors.

Upscale Home Accessories – Wanda P

Luxury decor in a contemporary bedroom by Decorella designer Wanda P.

A luxurious space is inviting, and the color palette plays an important role in setting the atmosphere. With this in mind, use complementary tones. Luxury home accents work harmoniously above all else. Therefore, it is definitely worth choosing neutral colors such as black, white, gray, and brown. This is because these colors work with every style and have lasting appeal.

Focus on luxury wall decor.

High-end home decor and accessories – Darya N

Upscale home decor in the dining room by Decorella Designer, River Ann.

When done well, wall decor can really make a difference in a room. Shelves, wall signs, mirrors, and artwork come in a variety of designs and prices. Thus, there are many ways to add sophistication to a space with luxury wall decor.

Hire an Interior Designer – How Much Does It Cost?

Luxury Home Decor Ideas

Advanced Home Decor – Ada A

Luxury home decor in a glam bedroom by Decorella designer, Ida A.

From luxury wall decorations to wallpaper and furniture – there are different ways to create a beautiful interior. All you need is an inspiration and some guidance to pull off the glamor at home.

1. Upgrade existing fixtures and hardware.

High-end Home
High-end Home

Luxurious Home Accents – Amy Carman

One of the easiest ways to make a space feel more luxurious is to update any standard, unimpressive fixtures and hardware. Opt for chic, contemporary replacement hardware like new faucet and cabinet handles. Some fixtures, like elegant wall sconces, can also double as luxury wall decor.

2. Prefer fresh window treatments.

High-end Home
High-end Home

Top Decorations for Interiors – Christina B

Contemporary apartment with luxury decor by Decorella designer Christina B.

A good window treatment has the power to transform a space. Bold, patterned, or solid-colored curtains made of thick materials are a wonderful luxury decoration addition. Since many stately homes have high ceilings, install draperies and hardware where possible to create the illusion of high ceilings. For added drama, invest in curtains that pool to the floor.

3. Mix rich and varied textures.

High-end Home
High-end Home

Luxury Bedroom Home Decor – Beasley & Henley

The advanced home decor adds depth and visual interest to interiors. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to incorporate a variety of rich materials and fabrics into a room. Items like scattered cushions, throws, and curtains make adding texture a breeze.

4. Embrace floral arrangements as a luxury decoration.

Luxury Wall Decor – Casey H

Eclectic dining room with luxury wall decor by Decorella designer Casey H.

Whether elaborate or minimal, fresh flower arrangements are a beautiful addition to any room. Also, they are among the most accessible luxury home accessories. You can pick up a bunch at a local market or go to a garden and arrange your own. If you choose a realistic faux vase, add some water to the vases to further enhance the illusion.

5. Add a beautiful area rug.

Upscale Home Accessories – Rachel H

Upscale home accessories in a room by Decorella designer, Rachel H.

Not only do area rugs add warmth and unify a space, but they also serve as a wonderful piece of luxury decor. Be sure to choose a sophisticated area rug that suits your taste as well as the size of the room. Then, arrange your furniture around it, and see how it ties everything together.

6. Use mirrors as luxury wall decorations.

Advanced Home Decor – Nathalie I

Luxury wall decor in a beautiful living room by Decorilla designer, Nathalie I.

A luxurious interior usually consists of light and spacious rooms. In addition to serving as high-end home accessories, vintage and decorative mirrors make spaces feel lighter and larger than they actually are.

7. Accent lighting and artwork

Luxe Home Decor – Black and Milk

Create a chic gallery effect at home by highlighting existing priceless artwork with accent lighting. In short, you want to shine the spotlight on them. Thus, luxury home decoration adds visual value. Antique-style picture lights work especially well for this purpose.

8. Invest in a bespoke focal point.

Luxury Home Decor – Aida A

Stunning luxury home decor at home by Decorella designer, Ida A.

If possible, go ahead and use a key luxury decor item for whatever room you’re redecorating. Make sure to choose a piece that is not only attractive but also functional. Think of things like a statement table for the dining room or a dramatic chaise lounge for the living room.

9. Metallic luxury decorative items

Luxury Home Decor – Iulia B

Luxe home decor in the dining room by Decorella designer Iulia B.

From gold to silver and brass – today, no luxury space is complete without high-end metallic embellishments. Add your favorite tone with accents for a sophisticated look. And to really make an impression, make sure they’re against a dark background.

10. Faux fur luxury home furnishings

Luxury Home Decor – Mladen C

Contemporary bedroom with luxury home accessories by Decorella designer Mladen C.

Faux fur checks all the luxury home decor boxes – it’s stylish and adds warmth as well as visual interest to a space. Some top ways to implement the trend are through blankets, scattered cushions, area rugs, and even footstools.

11. Chic and mysterious abstract art

Luxury Wall Decor – Darya N

Bathroom with luxury homewares by Decorella designer, Darya Ann.

When it comes to choosing luxury wall decor for your home, abstract art is always a great choice. What makes this type of artwork so appropriate is its mysterious and dramatic nature.

12. Add cool vintage items.

Luxe Home Decor – Sonia C

Eclectic combined living and dining room with luxe home decor by Decorella designer Sonia C.

One of our favorite tips for creating grand interiors is upcycling hidden treasures — found online or at a local antique store. The luxury home furnishings you can find are usually a fraction of the cost of new pieces and are extremely unique.

13. Clear the clutter and opt for Minimalism.

Advanced Home Decor – Ula Burgiel

For some, luxury spaces are all about embracing design to the max. However, a crisp and clean look featuring selected luxury decor is even better. To create a more beautiful space, remove all clutter before adding any new pieces. This inexpensive solution makes everything feel together and works like a charm.

Need help curating and styling luxury home decor?

It can be difficult to make interiors feel truly luxurious and discreet. So if you want some help, schedule a free interior design consultation to start elevating your space today!

Being a frequent traveler, you must have come across various luxury hotels and their unique amenities.

Every year, more and more sophisticated features are being added to hotels, country houses, and resorts of all kinds.

On top of that, interior design has massively changed the way these properties are designed and marketed.

Earlier homes were designed in a way where all the colors and furniture matched each other, whereas now we see more leaning toward designs that express individuality and unique craftsmanship.

With the advancement of technology, interiors are now being designed with ease and functionality in mind.

Whether it’s on Pinterest, Instagram, or the weather on your next vacation, I’m sure you’ve had an experience where you’ve been impressed by the latest luxury amenities that are now available.

The question is, which are the best?

There are many modern features that you can add to make your home unique to you.

We’ve done our research and listed some of the most valuable modern luxury home amenities you can add that will give you the lifestyle experience you’re looking for.

Not only will these make your forever home stand out, but they will also increase the lifetime value of your home if you decide to list your property for sale in the future.

So as you have understood, there are many high-quality properties for houses in Malaysia.

But what truly makes a home stand out are the distinctive features that are personalized to the character of the homeowners.

And by personalizing your design, you create a unique home experience like no other.

However, you should note that when it comes to adding these artisan features, it is recommended to consult a qualified interior professional consultant first.

Because these features can make or break your custom home project if not done correctly.

These are not your everyday installations, which means they require a special skill and certified craftsmen who specialize in this type of work.

You also want someone with a trained eye to ensure that great care is taken to blend these features with the home’s overall design.

High-end Home

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High-end Home

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