islamic study solved MCQS

Islamic Study MCQsMajid Farooqislamic study solved MCQSWhat is the name of the first revealed Surah in the Qur’an?a) Al-Baqarahb) Al-Fatihahc) Al-Nisad) Al-Anfal Answer: b) Al-Fatihah Who is the father of Prophet Muhammad?a) Abdullahb) Abdul-Muttalibc) Abu Talibd) Umar Answer: a) Abdullah What is the number of Surahs in the Qur’an?a) 114b) 112c) 111d) 113 Answer: a) … Read more

Pakistan General Knowledge MCQs

Pakistan General Knowledge MCQs Pakistan general knowledge solved mcqs What is the capital of Pakistan?The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad.What is the currency of Pakistan?The currency of Pakistan is the Pakistani rupee.What is the official language of Pakistan?The official language of Pakistan is Urdu.What is the largest city in Pakistan?The largest city in Pakistan is … Read more